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Ponte di Legno
Umidity 38 %
SATURDAY Sereno o poco nuvoloso
Umidity 71 %
SUNDAY Poco o parzialmente nuvoloso per stratificazioni medio alte
Umidity 45 %
MONDAY Poco o parzialmente nuvoloso per stratificazioni medio alte
Umidity 53 %
Umidity 71 %
WEDNESDAY Nuvoloso per velature e stratificazioni anche compatte
Umidity 27 %
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp -3°
Umidity 77 %
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Piazza Martiri della Libertà 2 - 25048 Tel. 036471065 Web E-mail Zip 25048 Elevation 699 s.l.m. Population 4.592

Edolo represents the entrance to the higher part of the Val Camonica where the imposing mountains give an impression of ’making an entrance’ into this new and particularly fascinating environment.

Edolo is a charming small town which offers numerous services and attractions both artistic and cultural. The cobble-stone streets in the centre are just one example of its mediaeval structure, with refined dwellings, beautiful granite porches, studded doors, wooden lodges and Roman character.

Edolo is on the main rail link Brescia-Iseo-Edolo and is 20 kilometres from Ponte di Legno: during the winter there is a ski bus for the use of skiiers who wish to use the Pontedilegno-Tonale facilities.

The cinema, a beautiful indoor swimming-pool, a climbing gym, hard tennis courts, long walks along the river Oglio, and the Oglio torrent are just some of the main attractions on offer. Edolo can also boast a hydro-electric power station, extracted from the mountain: it is the main one of its kind in Italy and one of the most significant in Europe.