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Ponte di Legno
WEDNESDAY Sereno o poco nuvoloso
Temp 28°
Umidity 29 %
THURSDAY Sereno o poco nuvoloso
Temp 31°
Umidity 25 %
FRIDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 28.8°
Umidity 37 %
SATURDAY Sereno o poco nuvoloso
Temp 26.1°
Umidity 53 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 28.6°
Umidity 45 %
MONDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 26.8°
Umidity 55 %
TUESDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 25.3°
Umidity 60 %
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Vezza d'Oglio

Piazza IV Luglio 1866 - 25059 Tel. 0364 76131 Web E-mail Zip 25059 Elevation 1.080 s.l.m. Population 1.475
Vezza d'Oglio is located on the Statale 42 right in between Pontedilegno and Edolo.
Nestled at the confluence of two lateral valleys which frame the village, Val Paghera in Adamello Regional Park and Val Grande in Stelvio National Park, it is an enchanting landscape full of surprises.
The tourist can regenerate mind and body all year round in close contact with unspoilt nature.
The town is rich in history and local culture, glimpses of which can be seen in the streets of the town centre: the ancient Tower of the Federici family, the remains of a noble residence, and the Parish Church.

In winter, the main outdoor activity is on snowshoe walking, “caspolada” as the local use to say. Every year in February an important event takes place: the “Caspolada al chiar di luna” - a moonlit snowshoe walk which involves thousand of night walkers from everywhere. 
During summer, Vezza d'Oglio is the ideal  base for many outings on foot and by mountain bike. For angling enthusiasts there is excellent fly-fishing in the International Fly Fishing Centre at the Adamello Events Centre.