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Ponte di Legno
WEDNESDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 22°
Umidity 55 %
THURSDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 21.8°
Umidity 60 %
FRIDAY Nubi sparse con ampie schiarite
Temp 22.7°
Umidity 78 %
SATURDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 20.1°
Umidity 89 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 21.3°
Umidity 59 %
MONDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 23.7°
Umidity 59 %
TUESDAY Nubi sparse con ampie schiarite
Temp 27.6°
Umidity 53 %
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The Adamello Park

Peaks, crests and mountains dominate the numerous vallies around the park, and which can be divided into different chains. Among the vallies,  from North to South the principal ones are: Val Narcanello, Valbione, d’Avio, Vallaro, Pagherà (Vezza d’Oglio), Finale, Gallinera, Rabbia, Malga, di Saviore, di Salarno,dell’Adamè, Paghera di Ceto, del Rè, di Fa, di Stabio, delle Valli, Bona, di Cadino and del Caffaro.

The Adamello Park is located in the centre of the Alps and includes the Adamello range in Lombardy, situated to the north-east of the province of Brescia. It covers 51.000 hectares (510 sq km) from Passo Tonale to Crocedomini; to the east of the park is the regional border between Lombardy and Trentino, to the west the border lies just above the left hand side of the River Oglio, the fifth longest river in Italy. Adamello Park occupies the left hand side of the Val Camonica. From Tonale to the south the areas found within the territory are: Ponte di Legno, Temù, Vione, Vezza d’Oglio, Incudine, Edolo, Sonico, Malonno, Berzo Demo, Cedegolo, Cevo, Saviore dell’Adamello, Paspardo, Cimbergo, Ceto, Braone, Niardo, Breno, and Prestine.

The importance of Adamello Park has increased due to its position, acting  as a bridge between the two great parks which border it. To the east it borders with ‘ Parco trentino Adamello-Brenta’ to the north it borders with the Stelvio National Park, itself bordering with the Swiss National Park ‘Engadina’. In this way, a protected area has grown in the heart of Europe covering an area of 400,000 hectares, the biggest and most fascinating in the Alps.  Adamello Park represents the southern area. The Adamello mountain group, home of the biggest glacier in Italy (according to recent estimates having a surface area of 18 sq km.) takes the form of a ‘ray’ system from where crests and mountain chains join the smaller groups of Baitone, Frisozzo and Blumone.