Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
TUESDAY Sereno o poco nuvoloso
Temp 27°
Umidity 47 %
WEDNESDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 28.5°
Umidity 71 %
THURSDAY Nubi sparse con ampie schiarite
Temp 27.8°
Umidity 78 %
FRIDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 27.7°
Umidity 59 %
SATURDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 18.8°
Umidity 75 %
SUNDAY Nubi irregolari con rovesci moderati
Temp 23.7°
Umidity 65 %
MONDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 25.9°
Umidity 45 %
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The app provides information in real time, on the condition of the slopes, maps, quantity and state of the snow.  It is also possible to purchase a ski pass on line and to book other facilities and complimentary services. This app makes it possible to plan a ski trip alone, with friends or with the family. One of the best features of the app is the localised GPS system, fantastic for locating friends on the snow and knowing where they are at any given moment. Useful also for getting to know all of the downhill runs already practised and for keeping all the data and statistics to hand: kilometres skied and the time taken.  The app can also be used to organise virtual challenges between skiers, organised by the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium and SKITUDE, an enpassioned group for open-air sports, and have access to the prizes on offer. To sum up, the challenge in assured and the results will be published at the end of the day. Just create a profile MY SKITUDE to register immediately as a skier and visualise you own ‘avatar’ at the top of the list.