Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
FRIDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 20.6°
Umidity 87 %
SATURDAY Nubi irregolari con rovesci moderati
Temp 21.8°
Umidity 79 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 22.8°
Umidity 70 %
MONDAY Nubi sparse con ampie schiarite
Temp 22.9°
Umidity 63 %
TUESDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 23°
Umidity 58 %
WEDNESDAY Coperto con pioggia debole intermittente
Temp 18.2°
Umidity 87 %
THURSDAY Coperto con pioggia debole
Temp 17°
Umidity 78 %
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A healthy and envigorating sort. The district of Pontedilegno-Tonale offers the opportunity  for you to take part.

The ‘Centro Fondo di Vermiglio’ in Val di Sole presents the ideal location.

Either on your skis or alternitavely with ski-rackets on your feet, enjoy a holiday far from the frenetic rhythm of everyday life and daily stress. Unspoiled nature and over 20 kilometres of slopes and ideal mix to regenerate yourself and feel well.

The ‘Centro Fondo Vermiglio’ offers:

- ski school

- competitive slopes for beginners and experts

- bar

- a spacious Solarium

- ski ,bob, sleigh and racket hire

- free parking facilities

Access available with Super Nordic Skipass

Contact: Vermiglio Tourist Office, tel. +39 0463 758200

The ‘Centro Fondo Valsozzine’ in Pontedilegno, alongside the Narcanello Torrent, offers three different rings all connected, suitable for all requirements.

• Tourist 2,5 km

• Intermediate 3,0 km

• Expert 5,0 km

The centre is run by the ‘Ski Club Adamello’ who take care of the slopes on a daily basis. Here you will find:

- changing rooms

- showers

- secretary

- hire service

The ski instructors from the ski school ‘ Sci Ponte-Tonale’ are available for private or group tuition, both for beginners and experts who wish to prepare for competitions.