Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
TUESDAY Coperto con pioggia debole intermittente
Umidity 91 %
WEDNESDAY Nubi irregolari con rovesci di neve
Temp 0
Umidity 78 %
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp -1.4°
Umidity 70 %
FRIDAY Coperto con neve debole o moderata
Temp 1.2°
Umidity 88 %
SATURDAY Coperto con neve debole
Temp 2.8°
Umidity 92 %
SUNDAY Nuvoloso per velature e stratificazioni anche compatte
Temp 5.8°
Umidity 67 %
MONDAY Poco nuvoloso con sviluppo di nubi cumuliformi
Temp 5.6°
Umidity 67 %
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Off-piste skiing




Knowing how to ski on freshly fallen snow is the maximum expression of freedom. Away from the marked runs, and the flat, hard snow on the slopes. Woodland, hills and valleys covered in a soft blanket of snow.

Whether on skis or a snowboard ‘freeride’ is the sport of the free spirit, for anyone who prefers to discover nature simply by following their instincts.

An ever more popular sport which requires full attention and care: never improvise.


In the district of Pontedilegno-Tonale you will find some of the most striking runs in the Alps, where you can experience the thrill of freeriding in total safety.

The lifts are there to take you quickly to the top from where you will be able to launch yourself into this white world of powdery snow and infinite silence.

In order to enjoy this off-piste skiing in perfect safety refer to one of our ski schools.

Scuola sci Ponte-Tonale

Scuola sci Tonale-Presena

Here are some basic rules to follow off-piste:
Skiing off-piste is extremely tiring and requires a lot of physical energy. Every skier must know his limits and be pre-prepared both mentally and physically.
ARVA a shovel, and a probe are fundamental. They could save your life in an avalanche but nevertheless don’t make you immune from danger: in the mountains it is essential to use your head at all times.
Always read the information on avalanches and weather conditions, ask for information about the pistes and the opening and closing times of the lifts before venturing out.
Never ski alone off-piste. If something should happen nobody would be able to help you or know where you are.