Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 3.8°
Umidity 96 %
FRIDAY Coperto con debole pioggia mista a neve
Temp 2.9°
Umidity 94 %
SATURDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 4.2°
Umidity 96 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 10.5°
Umidity 57 %
MONDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 7.9°
Umidity 94 %
TUESDAY Sereno con innocue velature
Temp 6.9°
Umidity 63 %
WEDNESDAY Nuvoloso con locali aperture
Temp 5.8°
Umidity 98 %
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A skiable glacier


It’s convenient and accessible loacation is the reason that this glacier is one of the best known in the world.
From Passo Tonale the historic Cable car takes you to 2.585m from Passo Paradiso: Looking up to Cima Presena (3069m) the glacier opens up in front of you.
Let's discover it together!

The new Presena Cable car
The districts pride and joy is of course the new Presena cable car, which takes you, in just 7 minutes, to a height of 3000 metres: this is the best place from which to see Adamello. Pian di neve, (the widest glacier in the Italian Alps) Lobbie, Mandrone and Presanella.
A breathtaking descent
The black run, Paradiso is one of the oldest in the Italian mountains. Situated below Passo Paradiso and to the north, this shaded area guarntees an abundance of snow and for this reason it is possible to ski here from Novenber to the end of May.
A mountaineering Paradise
Adamello is an ideal place for mountaineering enthusiasts.
Come and discover an exciting sport which unites effort with the certainty of immaculate snow immersed in natural surroundings.
A ‘Free spirit’ sport
Whether skiing or snowboarding ‘Freeride’ is the sport of the free spirit. For those who prefer to follow their instincts on natural snow and who find it preferable to a prepared piste. Just arrive to the top by means of any of the ski lifts or cable cars and then feel the freedom of this ‘white’ and silent world surrounding you.
How to protect our glacier
Presena, like all the other Adamello glaciers, due to its geographical position is covered almost entirely by natural snow, but as we know it is going through a time of change because weather conditions are warmer and snowfall is lighter in the autumn months.
It is for this reason that from the end of May to the beginning of September the area ‘rests’ under a cover which impedes the sun’s rays from entering thus guaranteeing a layer of snow which acts as a base for the following ski season.
Enjoying the glacier in the summer
During the summer months the glacier offers the opportunity to do Trekking, and to follow the path taken during the First World War. With your rucksack on your back enjoy the satisfaction of having reached the camping sight ‘Amici della Montagna’ crossing the ‘Sentiero dei Fiori’ (see the link Sentiero dei Fiori’) which runs along the ridge of Punta del Castellaccio and Corni di Lagoscuro one of a series of paths from the White War.
For those who are really fit continue until descending to Passo di Maroccaro and the Vedretta di Presena.
The glacier offers a wonderful panorama of the mountains which thanks to the cable cars is accessible to everyone. At the arrival of the Paradiso cable car (2,585m) and also at the cable car station Presena (2738m) there are two places where refreshments or lunch are available, or simply enjoy the sun and take in the wonderful scenery.. At Passo Paradiso there is a multimedia gallery where the sounds and the voices from the White War can be heard and seen.