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Multimedial gallery

The sounds and the voices (‘Suoni e voci della Guerra Bianca’) of the First World War riverberate once more in this multimedia show which has been set up inside a granite tunnel which was dug out by the soldiers fighting in the First World War at an altitude of 2600m.

Proceeding along the tunnel the sound of the machine guns and the echoes of the distant bombs can be heard, taking the visitor back in time, when these walls provided shelter from the ice and snow and of course from the enemy fire.

This location, which was once the border between Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, now divides Lombardy and Trentino. The wartime relics found in this area by Emilio Serra, are now housed in this museum together with illustrated posters, each one of which can be activated by  pressing a button, and from which you can hear the sounds and voices  relative to the war in the mountains: the whistle of the wind, the sound of a soldier playing the accordion (a chance to relax after a day in the trenches), and also the proclamation by the Emperor Franco Giuseppe to evacuate Vermiglio.

How to get there:

By cable car ‘Paradiso’ which goes from Passo Tonale to Passo Paradiso.  The tunnel is on the right just 50 metres from the arrival point of the lift.

It is accessible to everybody, (it is advisable to wear suitable clothing and shoes). There is a staircase which leads to a second tunnel (from the First World War) which was used as a control point for Tonale.

For lovers of mountain walking.

This interesting well signposted trail includes the military camp of Monticelli and takes us to the crest of the mountain where there are still the remains of the trenches, gun emplacements, and where a chart has been erected to show the orientation of the surrounding mountains of the Adamello-Presanell and the Ortles-Cevedale groups.

There is a second route to reach this exhibition which is suitable for expert alpinists and mountain climbers (equipped with all the necessary kit). The route is in Lombardy and starts from Montozzo reaching the tiny village at Passo Lagoscuro, passing through Bleis and Tonale and returning up to Passo Paradiso, then towards the Dosso di Casamadre and the ‘Sentieri dei fiori’  using the walkways which were inaugurated in July 2011.

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