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Following the path of the great war

The museums dedicated to the ‘White War’ collect and safeguard all the wartime relics from the First World War, found among the Adamello-Presanella mountains, and represent an historical reminder of what occurred between 1915 and 1918. The exhibits include, arms, uniforms, and numerous objects used daily by the military.

The Museum of the ‘White War’ at Temù: this museum houses a complete collection of relics and memorabilia dating back to the First World War. In particular, objects characterising this ‘high altitude war’ are on show here. The presence of an army shack and its contents used by the soldiers relays a feeling and an atmosphere of being on the front line.

Arms, cannons, ammunition, army uniforms, and many photos can be seen. The museum also proposes a full programme of events and cultural activities.

The Museum of the ‘White War’ in Adamello

Via Roma 40, Temù, (BS)  Tel: +39 0364094617


The Museum of the ‘White War’ at Vermiglio: In this museum there are numerous exhibits found in the last 40 years in the mountains of the Val di Sole, by the researcher Emilio Serra; arms, uniforms, but above all utensils and equipment used by the soldiers in their quest for survival in the snow. Many of the objects were actually found inside the forts which are located around Passo Tonale.

The Museum of the ‘White War’ in Vermiglio, Via Borgo Nuovo 15, Vermiglio (TN)  Tel: +39 0463 758200


Ossuary-Monument Passo Tonale: this military monument was established in Tonale between 1922 and 1924 commemorate the sacrifice made by the soldiers who fought in the ‘White War’.  It was a sacred enclosure at whose centre is a bronze by Vittoria Alata from Brescia.

It was later enlarged and transformed into an ossuary, where the remains of 847 soldiers (moved from the surrounding military graveyards) lie. Here there also the remains of 8 Austrian-Hungarian soldiers and a burial-recess where the remains of 5 unnamed soldiers, found on the glacier Lobbia Alta in 1964, lie.

The monument is located on the main state road through Tonale almost exactly on the border of Lombardy and Trentino. On the edge of the sacred zone there is a placard stating that the Ministry of Defence (The War commission) has consigned the custody and safekeeping of the monument to the community of Ponte di Legno as of 14th April 1983.

The monument is visited by thousands of people each year who crowd into Tonale in every season. There are also frequent official commemoration services led by military organisations both from Italy and Austria.