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A new thermal and wellness centre

A new Thermal and wellness centre in the heart of Ponte di Legno, situated between the old city and the ski slopes.

The construction has been designed by the architect Marco Casamonti, who wishes to respect the identity of the district by highlighting its most characteristic traits: the ice and the mountains. The building will resemble the articulation of the mountains and the internal areas will, thanks to the extensive use of glass, be transparent, resembling the ice.

Not just a simple health spa but also a place where it will be possible to live a sensorial experience.

This is how Marco Casamonti has illustrated the project:

Just like the Presena glacier, the new centre in Ponte di Legno projects from the bowels of the mountain and climbs towards the sky.

Resembling the perpetual snow above it, the constructed landscape is characterised by a deep artificial crevasse at the end of which is a mirror-like expanse of water, the result of ever melting snow, whilst the peak provides a large pool where, after the thrill of the mountain, you can swim or simply just relax, under the sky.
The result is a construction, which has taken the place of the ex-Town Hall. Covering a surface area of roughly 7000 sq. metres above the ground. This of course is out of scale and in complete contrast to the surrounding area of houses and small buildings. For this reason, it has been decided that the major part of the structure will be built within the terrain, its more natural position, thus producing, as in antique times, thermal energy to produce an experience not unlike a ‘tepidarium’.

The choice of constructing part of the building underground, was not, by any means in order to camouflage it, but, on the contrary, to build vertically, similar to constructing a church tower in the middle of an urban area, as a central point or a point of reference.

All around the new wellness centre there is a natural extension of the place where it stands, a central point in Ponte di Legno where in summer or in winter the surrounding landscape consisting of an incomparable mountainous crown reflects on its façade.



The idea of freeing the space where the town hall stood and converting it into a location dedicated to leisure and recreation creates a completion of all the skiing activities on offer here. The principal objective, of course being to target and to boost tourism and at the same time to exhibit the unique and original characteristics of the area, and where architecture, as an art, definitely plays its part.



Here we are talking about architecture as an emotion and not as a dimension, in a location as important as it is small, as discreet as it is evident, and which will in time become an icon for the village and for the valley, where, during the coldest season of the year, the water vapour rising into the sky will make it seem as though the building is taking part in and inventing the clouds themselves.


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