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The ‘Flower’ trail

A famous and demanding route, which is of great interest visually, naturally and historically. The trail winds its way at an altitude of 3000m along the difficult ridges between Castellaccio and Pisgana, once the border between Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It retraces the courageous steps, the tunnels and the trenches of the Italian front line during the Great War. Majestic scenery and panorama of the Adamello and Ortles-Cevedale peaks.
Red and White road signs Cai
Duration: 4 hours
Recommended period:
July to September
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Take the Paradiso cable car up to the pass of the same name (2585m). From the arrival point coast along the south of the small lake Monticelli inferior, then move towards the right in the direction of the above lying rocks and follow the sign Cai no.44.

The trail now passes through pebbles and gravel and enters a narrow valley where there is usually still some remaining snow. The path then rises steeply until reaching a passageway (2963m – 1h 15m) at the foot of Punta del Castellaccio  from where you can admire the spectacular view, and in particular Ponte di Legno and the glacier Pisgana. From here head south towards following the signs making careful use of the walkways and the safety equipment you are carrying (it is worth fastening yourself to the ropes and chains) and passing a rocky area you will finally reach a tunnel beneath the ‘ Gendarme di Casamadre’. Walk the length of the tunnel (about 70m) using a torch as it is quite dark. Here there are two recently constructed freely suspended steel walkways (53m and 70m) (similar to those built by the alpine soldiers during the war) which you can cross as an exciting alternative to walking on the ground. After the Passo di Casamadre continue along the west ridge, crossing some steep ducts which are sometimes covered with snow or ice. Once at the base of Corno di Lago Scuro climb the rocky face to the top and the nearby campsite ‘Amici della Montagna (3160m – 1h 45m from Passo del Castellaccio.) which was once an army barracks which was transformed into a small ‘rifugio’ for aline guides by Giovanni Faustinelli,  the person who created this itinery.

A short detour will bring you to the summit where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Adamello, Presanella, OIrtles-Cevedale, Bernina, and Dolomiti-Brenta mountains. Here amongst the gravel and the rocks the flora and the flowers which grow at these high altitudes are numerous, saxifraghe, cerasti, linarie, ranunculi, androsaci and doroncini to name but a few. Back on the trail, descend until arriving at a junction, go left and downhill to Presena. From here, it is possible to discontinue the trail, and take the more demanding and difficult route to the Presena glacier. ( you will need crampons, pickaxe and you must take GREAT CARE) and Passo Paradiso or alternitavely continue along the second part of the path which, although still to the part of Ponte di Legno , lowers down towards Passo di Lago Scuro to rise again to the panoramic Cima Payer (3056m – 3h 15m/3h 45m). This part of the trail is a little less exposed and therefore more manageable. From Passo di Lago Scuro you can admire a long stone stairway, and the remains of an ancient high altitude village. An alternative return route: From the Pass you can descend to Lago Scuro and from there go up again to Passo Maroccaro, which takes you back to Presena and Passo Paradiso.