Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
FRIDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 20.6°
Umidity 87 %
SATURDAY Nubi irregolari con rovesci moderati
Temp 21.8°
Umidity 79 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse con possibili piovaschi
Temp 22.8°
Umidity 70 %
MONDAY Nubi sparse con ampie schiarite
Temp 22.9°
Umidity 63 %
TUESDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 23°
Umidity 58 %
WEDNESDAY Coperto con pioggia debole intermittente
Temp 18.2°
Umidity 87 %
THURSDAY Coperto con pioggia debole
Temp 17°
Umidity 78 %
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In the district of Ponte di Legno – Tonale it is possible to become a ‘musher’ for a day.  The Scuola Italiana Sleddog, run by Armen Khatchikian make this experience possible.  Sit in a sleigh and be pulled across the snow by real Siberian Huskies. The feeling of sliding across the snow in what seems to be a fragile sleigh, but in reality is extremely tough and strong, is unequalled. Be at one with these amazing animals, an unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Children from 10 years can also take part, and will be able to enjoy the experience of learning about the animals and their relationship with humans in their natural environment.

During the summer the Sleddog school proposes Husky-Trekking, a walk through the woods with these marvellous animals, who after a winter of training are ready to accompany adults and children on new adventures in Val di Sole and Val Camonica.


Scuola Italiana Sleddog

For information

Tel: +39036492231

Mobile: 0039 338.8137697 (Armen Khatchikian)