Weather forecast Locality:
Ponte di Legno
TUESDAY Coperto con pioggia debole
Umidity 92 %
WEDNESDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 6.6°
Umidity 67 %
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Umidity 88 %
FRIDAY Coperto con pioggia a tratti mista a neve
Temp 4.3°
Umidity 94 %
SATURDAY Coperto con possibili pioviggini
Temp 6.9°
Umidity 94 %
Temp 10.7°
Umidity 67 %
Temp 10.9°
Umidity 58 %
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We are proud to present the project “Pontedilegno – Tonale” for UNICEF” which sanctions a very important collaboration between us and this famous organisation for the safeguarding of children’s rights and for the bettering of their lives and living conditions. We stand side by side for the children of Madagascar, a beautiful country, but where the problem of malnutrition in new-born babies and the lack of water are the most urgent problems. For this reason, we have created a series of initiatives to help in a lasting collaboration. There are two possibilities; the first consists of purchasing a daily ski-pass UNICEF that costs 44 euros, which includes 1 euro as a donation. The second possibility is to forego the 5 euros refundable deposit on the k-card, after its validity by using one of the collection boxes, which can be found in the ticket offices. The five euros will be donated to UNICEF. Finally, UNICEF will be our partner in the end of season events organises on the Presena glacier.

As always we continue to give priority to the needs of children with regard to skiing, such as discounts on ski passes, and activities organised on the snow. What’s more, for several years the district of Ponte di Legno has supported the UNICEF project “Baby Pit Stop” which allows mothers to feed and change their babies in a designated area in the pedestrian zone. Vermiglio offers the same possibility in the area of the San Leonardo lakes, an area which is visited by numerous families both in summer and in winter.