Winter 2020-21

We would like to reassure you: the lifts are now closed following the National Decree, but we are still thinking of you and we keep going. We are working and getting ready for the coming season with one single goal in mind: we will welcome you on our slopes in safety conditions as soon as the winter season begins.

We are searching for the best safety solutions that will enable you to have fun on the slopes with no worries. We are considering this moment as an opportunity to prepare ourselves to welcome you in the best way.

You can greatly contribute to the good success of the safety measures: please follow the rules and protect yourself and other people.


Now it is not possible to buy the skipass. When the skiarea will open, you can buy the skipass online without going to the ticket offices. Here there are skipass types that can be bought online:


  • 3,4 and 5 hours skipass (one category)
  • daily skipass (adult and junior)
  • 2-14 consecutive days (adult and junior)

These skipasses can be charged on appropriate Snowit Cards or Ski Cards that you own already  and go directly to the lifts (you can find the details on our e-shop).


We suggest you to buy the skipass and the card online and, if you can, to prefer the card sent by post instead of collecting it in the skipass office.


We also cooperate with Telepass Pay, Skipass Lombardia e Snow App, which sell skipass cards which allow you to go directly to the lifts without going to the skipass office and pay the actual time you skied.


Yes, when it is possible, we will open our ticket offices. We kindly ask you to stop in the ticket office just the time needed to buy the skipass. You are not directly in contact with our staff: there is a plexiglass panel between you and the staff. Our staff will measure themselves the temperature every day before beginning the work. There will be several hand sanitizer dispensers and the rooms will be continuously aerated.


We are working on an IT system, indicating in real time the extent of the queue in the various parts of the ski area, to help you choosing the less-crowded lifts.

We ask you to observe always the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and to wear correctly the mask.

The guidelines about the lifts have to be settled by the regional and national authorities. We are waiting to know the rules about the access on the lifts and all the instructions about the personal-protection systems, the distancing and the sanification. We will adopt all the established measures, putting  your safety first.


We remember you:

  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
  • Wash often your hands or sanitize them with the available gels
  • Cover nose and mouth if you sneeze or cough and wash or sanitize your hands soon after
  • Keep the security distance from the people not living with you and respect the queues with patience
  • Wear always the mask, also in the open air and always when you can’t keep the distance from people not living with you
  • Book in advance all the services of your holidays, such as skipass, ski rental, ski school, lunches and dinners (overall in the refuges) and prefer electronic payments
  • Don’t go out if you have flu symptoms, if you have the fever (over 37,5°C) or if you live with people with symptoms ascribable to Covid-19
  • If you think to have been infected, don’t go to the first aid: call the medical assistance and advise the manager of the accommodation in which you stay
  • Think of the environment and help us protecting the nature; therefore, we ask you not to through masks, gloves or other objects away with inattention: the environment and the nature, so beautiful in our region, deserve respect and protection

Is the skiarea open?

No, the lifts and the slopes are now closed following the National Decree. We kindly ask you for a little patience: we will inform you as soon as we know the opening date.

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