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Ponte di Legno
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 3.8°
Umidity 96 %
FRIDAY Coperto con debole pioggia mista a neve
Temp 2.9°
Umidity 94 %
SATURDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 4.2°
Umidity 96 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 10.5°
Umidity 57 %
MONDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 7.9°
Umidity 94 %
TUESDAY Sereno con innocue velature
Temp 6.9°
Umidity 63 %
WEDNESDAY Nuvoloso con locali aperture
Temp 5.8°
Umidity 98 %
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P10 Vezza - Belvedere

A simple and enjoyable walk especially suitable for autumn afternoons. Explore flower filled meadows, old farmhouses and wonderful views onto the Baitone, Calotta and Orobie mountains.
The path has an abundance of characteristic religious statues.

None after the first signpost to Cormignano, but quite easy to find.
225m from Grano, 379 from Vezza
45-60 minutes from Grano, 1hour 15 mins from Vezza.
Recommended period:
May to November
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From Vezza D’Oglio (1080m) drive to Grano village – turn left at the town centre then right following via Dante and via Grano (2km approx.from Vezza centre) parking above Grano village at the car park on your right. The walk begins at a statue of Christ at the end of the car park. Follow the cobbled path, turning left, away from Val Grande, at the turn signposted “Cormignano”

This left turn climbs uphill through the woods and leads to Cormignano village. After the left turn for the church (there is a sign on a white stone “Cormignano” 1400m) take the next left turn at the end of the village, at an electric pylon.

This path leads through pleasant meadows to the “Cascine di Giacomo” farmhouses. Looking up to the right you will see an imposing rocky outcrop. The path leads uphill through a dark pine forest, and ignoring deviations towards private houses you will come out at the great Plazlonch meadows with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. Following the flat track through the field, you will pass in front of two cottages, enter into another pine wood, and then come out into another field with a farm building and a water fountain. This place is called  “belvedere” (1459m, 40-60minutes) literally “beautiful view “ and holds true to its name.

Alternatives for your return route:

-Take the steep shortcut which descends southwards from Plazlonch via Cascina di Giacomo to Grano, or

-Take a steep cobbled mule track (with white and blue signs) which goes down to the little church of Cormignano.