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Ponte di Legno
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P18 Vione - Premia - Pigadone

An easy and open route with amazing views of the Adamello mountains opposite. Especially beautiful in spring for its flowering meadows and in the autumn for the changing colours of the larch trees. You will find attractive old farm cottages in the pretty hamlet of Premia, and Vione is an ancient village worth visiting. Start the walk at the high western part of Vione.

Red and white signs, no.66 and no.3
1.30 – 2 hours
Recommended period:
From May to the beginning of November.
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Park just before via Premia street, the asphalted road leading to Canè from Vione (1250m). Take the asphalted road leading up to the left off  the beginning of via Premia, which goes through some houses then becomes a dirt track going up through terraced areas north of the village.

You should see white and red signs no.66, keep on this main path which will take you to the hamlet of Premia (1491m - 40 mins) a collection of rural buildings, some well restored, set in a beautiful clearing with lovely views. At the top of the village, at the crossroads with the crucifix, take the left following a path marked no.3. Stay on this path through the woods uphill to a grassy clearing with old cottages called “Ciocc/Cioch” (1583m). Continue up to the panoramic houses of Pigadoe (1622m – 1.30 /2 hours) with the picnic area where our walk finishes. In the field nearby there is a drinking water fountain.


At the end of the walk continue following signs to the right up to the peak of Cima Bles (2609m, quite long and a little difficult towards the peak).

At the end of the walk, continue to the left to Malga Tremons (2123m; easy, along a flat path) and even on from here to the World War 1 fortifications of Cima Rovaia (2530m – long, a little difficult in places).

To return along a different route from Premia, take the indicated path (very panoramic) to Canè then return from Canè to Vione along the main asphalted road.