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Ponte di Legno
THURSDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 3.8°
Umidity 96 %
FRIDAY Coperto con debole pioggia mista a neve
Temp 2.9°
Umidity 94 %
SATURDAY Molto nuvoloso o coperto
Temp 4.2°
Umidity 96 %
SUNDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 10.5°
Umidity 57 %
MONDAY Nubi sparse e schiarite
Temp 7.9°
Umidity 94 %
TUESDAY Sereno con innocue velature
Temp 6.9°
Umidity 63 %
WEDNESDAY Nuvoloso con locali aperture
Temp 5.8°
Umidity 98 %
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P24 Baita Velon - Passeggiata della Viscle

approx. 1 h. 30 minutes
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After passing Hotel Baita Velon (1348m) take the signposted road on the right ‘passeggiata delle Viscle’ (1432m).  Following the torrent you will reach a picnic area where there is a fresh water spring: turn right and after having crossed the bridge go immediately left on the small road to ‘Pradi del Pecè’. Walk uphill across the fields and you will reach the Malga of the same name (1503m). The return route is a forest road to the left of the torrent, and this completes the circular trail.