Wildlife area in Pezzo, the place to meet roe deer, red deer and chamois.

Camoscio nell'area faunistica di Pezzo

Inside the Wildlife area in Pezzo it is possible to observe red deer, roe deer, chamois and Alpine ibex in a natural environment of 5 hectares at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea level.

This wildlife park in Lombardy is inside the Stelvio National Park, on the road from Pezzo towards Case di Viso.

The area can be visited freely with an established route on a well-travelled road that takes visitors close to 5 large enclosures; these enclosures include vast areas of woods and rocky environments where the ungualtes live in completely natural conditions.
Along the route several raised plots make it easier to observe the animals and interesting information boards explain their habits and characteristics.

This wildlife park in the province of Brescia was designed for educational purposes: inside the wildlife area guided tours are organised for families and school groups as well as excursions in the woods with experts, workshops for small children and themed aperitifs.
Not just education but conservation: in the two wooden chalets in the park injured or sick ungualtes are treated.

Where to take children to see the animals
  • 4 large enclosures at an altitude of 1,600 metres above sea level
  • an area of 5 hectares
  • Animals: roe deer, red deer, Alpine ibex and chamois
  • Excursions in the woods or the meadows with experts
  • Workshops for children
  • guided tours and themed aperitifs

The park with wild animals in Lombardy for adults and children

Volpe del Parco faunistico in Lombardia

This park with wild animals in Lombardy was designed to give everyone the opportunity to see red deer, roe deer, Alpine ibex and chamois up close who usually hide and blend into the woods and rocks. In addition to guided tours with experts the Wildlife area in Pezzo organises walks for families and adults to discover the woods and Silter pastures. 

The park in Pezzo is one of the most fun natural parks in Lombardy for children given all the special activities organised there. During guided tours children can become real forest rangers and learn to recognise animal tracks in the woods. After the excursions there are fun creative workshops with natural elements.


In October the parks holds events focused on majestic deer: one of these the Apericervo is an afternoon dedicated to learning all about these animals with a visit to the Wildlife area in Pezzo, workshops for children and excellent aperitifs for everyone!

Information and curiosities about the park

From Ponte di Legno you reach the village of Pezzo by following the SS 29 for 5 km towards Passo di Gavia. The wildlife area is on the road from Pezzo towards Case di Viso.

It is possible to visit the park freely by following the established path or by booking a guided tour.

The Park is located at 1,600 metres above sea level in an Alpine environment. Mountain clothing is necessary with hiking boots or trekking boots and above all in spring and autumn a coat, gloves and warm clothing.

It is possible to choose one of the many hotels and bed and breakfasts in our area.  All accommodation has different services depending on your needs.

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