Snow parks in Tonale, pure fun and adrenaline!

The snow parks in Tonale are the utmost experience for all those that love snowboarding fun!

This area dedicated to snowboarders is in Passo del Tonale at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level and guarantees snowboarding enthusiasts days of endless fun.

This place is for everyone from beginners to experts: a sector dedicated to those just starting snowboarding, one for expert riders and a ski-cross slope with lots of technical obstacles. 

Daily maintenance and regular milling of the area and surface ensure the slopes are always in order and the obstacles are perfectly safe for all snowboarders.

The snow park in Tonale faces south and is bathed in sunlight all day long. For this reason we have created a fantastic chill-out area: deckchairs and lots of music allow you to relax and chat with friends and enjoy the breath-taking views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.

You can reach the highest point of the snow park with the Valena chairlift: a 2 minute journey will take you to the top to do spectacular jumps and descents at full speed.

A real arena for freestylers
  • Length: 700 metres
  • 9 table tops
  • 20 obstacles
  • 1 chill-out zone
  • Separate beginners and experts areas
  • Open every day from 10.00 to 16.00

Fun for all levels of experience

The snow park in Tonale has 9 different shaped table tops and more than 20 jumps such as kickers, rails, gunners, jibs, boxes and walls.

The beginners area is ideal for those that want to learn the basics of snowboarding slowly using jumps such as fun boxes, easy boxes and small jumps; here you can also take part in individual or group lessons.

The ski-cross slope is designed for all snowboard thrill seekers: with humps, whoops and sharp turns it is possible to have fun on one of the longest ski-cross slopes in northern Italy.

What you can find in the Snow park in Tonale

  • Boardercross
  • Kickers (Jumps / Ramps)
  • Rails/ Slides (snowboard)
  • Boxes (snowboard)
  • Corners / Hips (snowboard)
  • Wave Riding (snowboard)
  • Pro Lines
  • Medium Lines
  • Beginners - Easy Lines
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