Situated on River Oglio, Incudine is one of the smallest towns in Valle Camonica and covers an area full of pastures and conifer woods, some of which are part of the Adamello Park. The town of Incudine is surrounded by green meadows cleared by generations before from the surrounding dense spruce and larch trees that cover the side of the mountain. Here there are many occasions to enjoy the spectacular nature by walking along the numerous paths and streets in the town.

One of the places not to miss is the Sanctuary of S. Vito and Sant Anna: situated at an altitude of 1,877 metres above sea level which is located on the edges of a flat basin at the foot of corno di Plazza, surrounded by larch trees, mountain pines and rhododendrons. The sanctuary is very old and dates back to the XV century but the actual building is from the beginning of the eighteenth century. The building is divided into two sections, the church and the sacristy; on the front facade there is a small bell and inside there are many votive offerings next to the statues of S. Vito and S. Anna.

One of the most charming corners of the town of Incudine is the northern most tip of the area: Val Andrina, Pianaccio and  Mount Pagano. The area is easy to reach on the road that goes from Monno to Passo del Mortirolo and then to Pianaccio: the Alpine environment found here is certainly one of the most beautiful in all Valle Camonica.

Incudine and its sanctuary
  • one of the smallest towns in Valle Camonica
  • Sanctuary of S. Vito and Sant Anna in a splendid mounting setting
  • spectacular Alpine environment


Incudine Town Hall
Via Sandro Pertini 40 – 25040
Tel. 0364 71368

Altitude 910 m above sea level
Inhabitants 407

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