Thermal centre in Ponte di Legno, 6 floors of pure well-being

Progetto delle terme di Ponte di Legno

The Thermal centre in Ponte di Legno is a complete novelty: this particular 6-floor spa which is under construction is designed to complete the selection of facilities on offer in the area.  


Let’s find out about the project together.
The thermal centre in Ponte di Legno is
a large spa located in the centre of the town between the old town and the ski slopes. The building is inspired by glaciers and the shape of the mountains: transparency, reflections, glass, steel and particularly shaped rooms lead visitors on an unforgettable sensory journey filled with steam, lights, aromas and sounds.


In addition to the unique design of the building this temple of well-being will be both high and deep: the building is composed of two underground floors and four levels above ground.

On the lower floors peace and tranquillity reign: here there will be indoor pools, a relaxation area, saunas and a Turkish bath. Higher up there will be massage rooms, sports pools, outdoor pools, a panoramic sauna and a private spa will ensure fabulous moments of relaxation with views over the mountains.
In the thermal centre in Ponte di Legno particular ferruginous bircarbonated water will flow which originates in the Santa Apollonia Spring at the foot of Mount Gavia, water that is rich in minerals with beneficial properties for the whole body.

In the restaurant in the thermal centre in Ponte di Legno it will also be possible to enjoy tasty typical dishes or sip refreshing drinks in the indoor lounge bar. In good weather tables on the large terrace will allow visitors to have their meals while admiring the surrounding scenery. 


Follow us ! Soon there will be more details and information on the inauguration day!

A thermal centre inspired by glaciers
  • 7000 square meters above and below ground
  • innovative architecture inspired by glaciers
  • sports pool, outdoor and indoor pools
  • spa zone with a Turkish bath, a Finnish sauna and a panoramic sauna
  • a panoramic outdoor pool and solarium
  • a kindergarten, restaurant and a lounge bar with a terrace

Thermal centre in Ponte di Legno, a unique project

The project

The best way the explain the project of the Thermal Centre in Ponte di Legno is with the words of its designer the architect Marco Casamonti:


“Like in the glaciers in Tonale, in Ponte di Legno the building for the new thermal centre protrudes from the bowels of the mountain and reaches up to the sky. […]

Like the perennial snow above, the built landscape is characterised by a deep cleft, an artificial crevasse that ends in a pool of water that is the result of painful yet relentless melting while at the top a pool allows you to swim and relax in the middle of the sky after the cave experience. […]

It is ultimately an emotional and non-dimensional architectural idea, a minute yet important place that is as discrete as it is evident that can become an icon and a reference point for the town and valley over time that we already imagine in the coldest months to be filled with the water vapour rising from the pools to the sky as if the building could create clouds in the way it works.”

A holiday in Ponte di Legno to try the well-being of the future

The new thermal centre is designed to surprise: the external structure and all the rooms will have particular shapes, with environments that shrink like crevasses in glaciers and airy environments like the water that flows out of the mountains.
With the use of glass and steel the building will become a great display of relaxing lights and reflections where steam, echoes and voices will create a very particular atmosphere.

In addition to the unforgettable thermal centre in Ponte di Legno you can relax and pamper yourself in the fabulous spas in our Ski Area!

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