Pontedilegno-Tonale, what’s there to see to make the most of the surrounding area?

A holiday in Pontedilegno-Tonale is special, here’s what to do and see.
The predominant element is certainly the unspoilt nature of the Alps: our Ski Area is home to part of 3 of the most important Italian Natural Parks: the Adamello Park, the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and the Stelvio National Park. Here visitors can enjoy walks and trekking in the heart of the mountains, try Alpine skiing and snowshoeing, observe the rich biodiversity, identify geological elements and photograph animals that live at high altitudes. 

Not just nature: the two main valleys in the area Val di Sole and Valle Camonica, are filled with historical and cultural elements that should not be missed. Of particular importance are the traces left by the First World War which was fought among the peaks of our mountains; for this reason one thing not to be missed in Pontedilegno-Tonale in the summer is to go trekking at a high altitude to discover the trenches and  walkways of the White War.

Discover some of the most beautiful Natural Parks in Italy

The mountainous terrain of our Ski Area includes some of the most beautiful Natural Parks in Italy: paths surrounded by unspoilt nature and breath-taking scenery combine with geological and botanical rarities, elements of recent history, customs, traditions and the food and wine of mountain communities. Here you can go trekking on more than 1,000 km of paths in the Adamello Park, observe the natural peculiarities of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, part of the European and Worldwide Network of UNESCO Geoparks, or enjoy the wild nature of the Stelvio National Park, one of the oldest Natural Parks in Italy.
In our area there is also the Presena Glacier, the home of skiing and a place of great natural and historic interest, as well as Mount Adamello, home of the largest glacier in the country.

Valleys and splendid towns to be explored

The Pontedilegno-Tonale area includes two important valleys: Val di Sole in Trentino and Valle Camonica in Lombardy.

Val di Sole is famous for the River Noce, one of the most important rivers in the world for rafting as well as for trekking at high altitudes and for the magnificent castles and numerous fortifications from the First World War.

In Valle Camonica it is possible to see the famous rock carvings, a UNESCO World Heritage which date back to ancient Camuni communities that lived on the slopes of our mountains more than 10,000 years ago. The valley is crossed by the river Oglio, that can be followed entirely thanks to the fantastic cycle path.
Moving through these two valleys you can visit characteristic towns and villages: Ponte di Legno, Passo Tonale, Temù, Vione, Vermiglio, Vezza d’Oglio, Edolo Monno and Incudine.

Learn about the history of our region

An area that is full of history, culture and outdoor sports is certainly the ideal place for a complete holiday. Here’s what you can do in Ponte di Legno, Passo Tonale and Temù both in summer and winter.


In our Ski Area it is possible to visit the forts and trenches dating back to the First World War: here the war was fought at a high altitude among the ice and snow that’s why it was called the White War. The two museums that focus on this period of history are home to war relics and touching testimonies.  In Passo Paradiso the emotional experience of Sounds and Voices of the Great White War inside a 60 metre long rock tunnel recalls the life of the young soldiers who served at this altitude.

If you are in Ponte di Legno or Passo Tonale and you are wondering what to see we can also recommend 8 other itineraries to learn all about the history of our area.

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