High altitude excursions: the purest way to experience the mountains

In the Pontedilegno-Tonale area you will find the most fascinating and exciting excursions, which will lead you to discover a boundless heritage rich in history, culture, flora and fauna, unique and unrepeatable flavors and aromas.

The treks, most of which are at high altitude, are suitable for the fittest and for those who have experience with long and demanding walks in the wonderful but severe mountain environment.

Hiking is the purest way to experience the mountains. Excursions through woods and rocks are a unique set of emotions: breathtaking landscapes, authentic nature and satisfaction at reaching your goal.


The home of hiking
  • Pristine environments and very high peaks
  • Lots of trekking routes
  • Itineraries to discover the Great War
  • Certified mountain guides
  • Shops specialized in hiking with the best brands

The routes through the history of Pontedilegno-Tonale


The mountains of our area were the scene of the most important events of the Great War. From trekking to the Dead City or to the Dosso di Casamadre up to the panoramic itinerary of the Bocchette di Val Massa or the excursion to the Garibaldi refuge. Hiking in Pontedilegno-Tonale also means crossing the trenches and walkways, visiting the fortifications, rediscovering the sensations of an important page in our history. Discover all the itineraries that combine history and nature.

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