Via ferratas on Adamello and Presanella: one step away from heaven

The via ferratas of Pontedilegno-Tonale are among the best known in Northern Italy and literally allow you to climb mountains through routes made of vertical ladders, ropes, brackets and bridges suspended in the air.

The via ferratas on Adamello and Presanella develop along the mountain crests, often retrace the paths of the Great War and are suitable exclusively for expert mountaineers, equipped with a harness and via ferrata kit.

Climbing the rocks, one step away from the sky, offers the most exciting and unforgettable experience of the mountains.


Sentiero dei fiori: a great via ferrata classic


Among the via ferratas on the Adamello, the Sentiero dei Fiori is one of those with the highest historical-naturalistic interest. A path that follows the entrenchment route that the Alpine troops used during the First World War to connect the positions installed on the ridge, to discover the military walkways built at 3000 meters above sea level along the Castellaccio-Pisgana ridge.

The itinerary starts from the arrival of the Presena cable car and follows the path that leads to the Lago Scuro Pass, where there is a military village from the Great War, with a small church and a barrack recently renovated and used as a museum. Going up the long stone staircase towards the north, you arrive at the Capanna Amici di Lago Scuro and the Corno di Lago Scuro (3165 m). The path, whose name should not be misleading, crosses exposed ledges and bumpy canals, continuing with ladders and walkways. Once you reach the Gendarme, you can cross the two walkways suspended in the air, or alternatively you can walk along the long tunnel with a flashlight. The path reaches the Castellaccio Pass (2963 m) and then descends along the valley to the east up to the Monticello lakes and the nearby Paradiso cable car station.




Via ferratas on Adamello and Presanella: one step away from heaven

Traveling on a via ferrata requires skill and experience, as well as adequate equipment. If you want to approach this magnificent world in total safety, the best way is to request the accompaniment of a specialized mountain guide.

The equipment for traveling on a via ferrata is compulsorily composed of:

  • a harness approved for via ferrata sets
  • a via ferrata set consisting of two lanyards, the heat sink and two carabiners
  • the helmet
  • a pair of via ferrata gloves

In addition to this specific equipment, adequate clothing and the use of reinforced boots should not be forgotten.

In the numerous shops specialized in sportswear at Ponte di Legno and Passo Tonale you will find all the equipment of the best brands and competent staff able to advise you and put you in total safety.

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