Pontedilegno-Tonale dedicates two unique and engaging Festivals to water, the most precious resource we have, which aim to be a hymn to life but also to draw everyone's attention to the protection and respect of our "blue gold".

PARADICE MUSIC FESTIVAL, with its amazing ice instruments, and WATER MUSIC FESTIVAL, with its concerts and an incredible walkway on Lake Valbiolo to experience the thrill of walking on water!



Water, in Pontedilegno-Tonale, is everywhere: it reflects the sky in our mountain lakes, it flows in the Oglio river and in the many streams that cross the meadows, it rests in the high altitude snowfields and floats in the new "open air" wellness areas and in the spa center under construction in the heart of Ponte di Legno. Water is the snow which every winter offers spectacular landscapes and lots of fun on our ski slopes.

Water is also our Presena Glacier: every Summer we protect it by covering it with 100,000 square meters of geotextile tarps, capable of reflecting the sun's rays and thus limiting its melting.

Through our two Festivals we want to offer you lots of fun, good music, the opportunity for a relaxing break, but also a reflection on the importance of water in every form, the need to protect and defend it. Our very life, biodiversity, the beauty of our mountains depends on water...

Water Music Festival

Water Music Festival

Water Music Festival is a music show where water is the real protagonist. This festival completes the already famous winter event Paradice Music Festival with its incredible ice instruments.

However, here the key element is water, that creates and instills intense emotions all to be experienc

Paradice Music: concerti di ghiaccio

Paradice Music

PARADICE MUSIC – Concerti di ghiaccio is back again, the new magic event that brings together ice and music.

In a real igloo musicians play unique instruments carved in the ice: from Januar 4h until March 30th 2024, you can attend many live concerts. 

There are also some high gourmet dinners and one of them is with a renowned chef!

You can buy online or at the lift pass offices the tickets for the cable car, for the concerts and for the dinners: it is possible to combine the experiences. You can find the tickets at the lift pass office in Ponte di Legno, Temù, and at Passo Tonale (ticket offices: Paradiso, Serodine and central office).


A long winter music festival at a high altitude!
  • concerts from January to MarchMarch
  • Igloo-theatre at an altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level
  • ice musical instruments
  • rock, pop and classical music
  • 6 dinners at high altitude, after the concerts
For a complete experience please rotate your phone vertically.