Adamello, a mountain full of nature and history

Mount Adamello is a mountain in the Rhaetian Alps whose peak reaches an altitude of 3,554 metres above sea level. Here is home to the largest glacier in Italy, a favourite destination with climbers and alpine skiers, as well as historians and climatologists.
Adamello is not only located between the two Provinces of Trento and Brescia but also includes two Natural Parks: the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and the homonymous Adamello  Park. The protected status of the parks has ensured that the rich mountain biodiversity has been preserved from human intervention; today you can fully appreciate the unspoilt nature of this mountain by going trekking through the woods and high mountain environments with the possibility to have a meal or stay overnight in one of the mountain huts.

Along the paths it is easy to also see ruins dating back to the White War. Here during the First World War Italians and Austrians fought in the fortifications, trenches and paths among the rocks. Today exhibitions of weapons, uniforms and personal objects that belonged to the young soldiers can be seen on display.
Every year along the places of remembrance a sporting event is held that continues all through the day and night that is suitable for the bravest and toughest athletes: the Adamello Ultra Trail. A 170 km race with a total 1,500 metre height difference.

Adamello with sport, adventure, nature and history
  • with a highest point of 3,554 metres
  • home to the largest glacier in Italy
  • trekking of historical, naturalistic and geological interest
  • home to the annual Adamello Ultra Trail race

Adamello, the 3,000 metre mountain

La cima del Ghiacciaio Adamello

Mount Adamello, a mountain in the Rhaetian Alps whose peak reaches an altitude of 3,554 metres above sea level; the peak was scaled for the first time in the middle of the nineteenth century and is still a popular destination for many Climbers.

From the slopes of Mount Adamello to the top the nature changes considerably: from deciduous forests, spruces and larch trees to grassy or stony expanses dominated by clusters of mountain pines and rhododendrons. Lower down the mountain there are red deer, roe deer and small carnivores, further up it is easy to see marmots, ibex and birds of prey.
Unlike the rest of the mountain range with the same name Mount Adamello has a single type of rock similar to granite called granodiorite.

The Adamello Glacier between the past and future

Panorama sul Ghiacciaio dell'Adamello

The Adamello Glacier situated at an altitude of 2,550 and 3,530 metres above sea level is considered to be the largest glacier in the Italian Alps. The glacier is divided into two different parts between Trentino and Lombardy: Miller Superiore, Corno Salarno, Salarno, Adamé, Mandrone and the fantastic part of the glacier loved by Alpine skiers  called Pian di Neve.

This white giant attracted the attention of climatologists at the beginning of last century and today it is still studied by organisations that monitor the melting of glacier ice around the world. Today, given the rapid thinning of the glacier Mount Adamello is unearthing finds from the First World War to the collective memory: entire shacks, clothing, weapons and touching personal items.

Exploring Adamello: excursions on the glacier and much more

I paesaggi innevati che si vedono sull'Adamello durante le escursioni

On Mount Adamello you can go on excursions in the valley and at high altitude: in addition to classic trekking to mountain huts it is also possible to experience via ferratas with the Sentiero dei Fiori or conquer the high peak.  

Excursions on the Adamello Glacier take trained climbers to discover a wild and unique natural environment. Given the physical effort required to tackle the great height difference it is possible to divide the excursion over a few days by staying in one of the mountain huts of Mandrone at 2,442 m, Carè Alto at 2,459 m. or Ai Caduti dell'Adamello at 3,025 m. Trekking on the Adamello Glacier is in a difficult natural environment and is therefore recommended to expert hikers or those accompanied by an Alpine guide.

Guide Alpine Adamello

Guide Alpine Val di Sole

The Adamello Ultra Trail, a big challenge at a high altitude

The Adamello Ultra Trail is now a famous race on the national sporting scene: 170 km and 11,500 metres of height difference provide trail enthusiasts the possibility to challenge their endurance in an incredibly beautiful natural mountain environment with a strong historical significance.

This great race starts from Vezza d’Oglio and retraces the paths of the Great War among mule tracks, paths among the rocks and landscapes still marked by traces of the war. Here not so many generations ago many young soldiers were forced to sacrifice themselves for a war that was not theirs, and by running on the same paths athletes of today can fully appreciate the meaning of freedom and peace.

Learn more here all information about the Adamello Ultra-Trail!

Some curious facts about Mount Adamello…

Adamello, a mountain full of nature and history

Mount Adamello is a mountain located between Lombardy and Trentino.

You can reach the Adamello glacier on foot starting from Passo Tonale, Val Avio, Val di Fumo or Val di Genova. Knowledge of mountaineering is required.

Yes by following a track on the ice to be tackled with specific equipment. At the top of the mountain there is a small cross and a bell you can ring once you have reached the summit.

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