Walks in the mountains for children in Lombardy and Trentino

Vacanze estive in montagna con bambini: camminare insieme tra i panorami del Trentino

Walks in the mountains for children in Lombardy and Trentino will be fun for adults and children alike. Routes for children are easier, brief and with very little difference in height and often can be done even with pushchairs.

Along the route it is easy to find lots of different things to do like children’s playgrounds for a fun breaks or   you picnic areas with tables and benches. The ski lifts also provide child adventurers with unique emotions and make it possible to reach the tracks at a high altitude easily.  


For children the best part of an excursion is getting to see animals up close and some walks in the mountains for children in Lombardy and Trentino take them right to pastures where they can make friends with cows, horses and have snacks with fresh produce from the malga!
At Case di Viso small children can see how people used to live before modern conveniences while in Tonale bigger children can learn about the Great War: in order to understand the important aspects about history they can have fun exploring the trenches and forts.

You know that every excursion with children is much better if there are small lakes and streams where they can play ? Our area is the realm of water that flows from the glacier and on many tracks you can hear water gurgling as you walk along.

The mountains with animals, games and adventures
  • Easy walks for children
  • Trails that are also suitable for pushchairs
  • Places to eat along the way
  • Children’s playgrounds and picnic areas
  • The possibility to see animals close up
  • Learn about mountain culture
  • See the remains of the Great War

Walks in the mountains with children in the provinces of Brescia and Trento

Genitore e figlio lungo una delle passeggiate in montagna per bambini in Lombardia

Here you can find lots of walks in the mountains to do with children in the provinces of Brescia and Trento.
You can choose your excursion depending on the needs of your family, your preparation and the time you have available; every track has the height difference, duration and difficulty indicated, this way it is easier to find the perfect walk!

When you go on an excursion in the mountains with children don’t forget your backpack with water, fruit, snacks, a raincoat and a change of clothes: children that have fun get dirty!

To the Fortifications of Davenino

The brief, easy walks takes all the family on a discovery of the Great War defensive fortifications in the valley near the beautiful fields of Davenino. This trail goes through woods and meadows marked with the typical peasant style of the area; starting from Incudine the trail follows the banks of the River Oglio where children can have fun in the playgrounds in the rest areas.

Height difference: 100 metres
Duration: about half an hour

Mortirolo - Val Varadega

Val Varadega is a wild and particularly charming area of Mortirolo; despite the rocky environment typical of high altitudes the early summer bloom of the rhododendrons should not be missed. Here children can surely spot a few marmots on guard and see the many fortifications of the Great War close up; the trail also has great views and a small lake at the foot of Mount Grom.

Mountain signs: read and white path n° 73
Height difference: 310 metres
Duration: 1 hour 30'

Pontedilegno - Val Sozzine

This easy yet long walk along the bottom of Val Sozzine winds through the woods. Here above all in the summer shade is a welcome respite! On the path children can have fun and learn about mushrooms, collect blueberries, observe the many inhabitants of trees as well as stand in awe in front of the Acqua Seria waterfall. The path is cheered by the gurgling of Narcanello stream. Don’t miss Sozzine Park!

Height difference: 100 metres.
Duration: about 2 hours

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