Places of remembrance

Museums of the White War collect and keep remnants of the First World War found on Mount Adamello - Presanella and are part of the historical memory of what occurred here between 1915 and 1918. In the  Museo della Guerra Bianca in Temù and Vermiglio there are weapons, uniforms and lots of daily objects on display. In Passo del Tonale there is the Ossuary Monument, a symbol of the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in the White War. The museums organise events and cultural activities as well as official commemorations.


Museo della Guerra Bianca in Temù

In this museum you can see an extensive collection of war relics and finds from the First World War, in particular there are objects that characterised the conflict at a high altitude in Adamello. The presence of a shack used by soldiers high up in the mountains and other objects of daily life that emerge visitors in the atmosphere of the front. There are weapons, cannons, ammunition, military uniforms and a large collection of photographs from the time on display. The museum also has a full programme of events and cultural activities.


Museo della Guerra Bianca in Adamello
via Roma 40, Temù (BS)
Tel. +39 036494617


Museo della Guerra Bianca in Vermiglio

In this museum many relics from the Great War are on display that were found over forty years of searching in the mountains in Val di Sole by the “salvager” Emilio Serra: weapons, uniforms and above all utensils and work tools used by soldiers to survive among the snow and rocks. Many of these objects were found inside forts scattered around Passo del Tonale.


Museo della Guerra Bianca di Vermiglio
Via Borgo nuovo 15, Vermiglio (TN)
Tel. +39 0463758200


Ossuary-Monument in Passo del Tonale

This Military Sacrarium was built in Passo del Tonale between 1922 and 1924 as a symbol of the sacrifice of the soldiers that fought in the White War. Initially it was a “sacred fence” with a bronze copy of the Winged Victory of Brescia in the centre.

Subsequently it was extended and transformed into an ossuary where the remains of more than 847 soldiers were laid to rest after they were exhumed from military cemeteries in the area. There are also the bodies of eight Austro-Hungarian soldiers and a crypt with the remains of five nameless soldiers who were discovered in the nearby glacier in Lobbia Alta in 1964.

The Sacrarium can be found along the state road on the border between Lombardy and Trentino.

On the limit of the "Sacred area" there is a sign from the Ministry of the Defence, General Commissariat for Honours to those Fallen in the War awarding the continuous care of the Sacrarium to the Municipality of Ponte di Legno, on the 14 April 1983.

The Sacrarium is visited by millions of people that pour into Passo Tonale all year round; with regular frequency especially in the summer the Sacrarium is also a place of official commemorations with the participation of military and veterans’ associations from Austria and Italy.

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