Downhill and enduro are pure emotion, the most adrenaline-filled forms of mountain biking. You get to the summit with the lifts or get there by pedaling and then embark on steep and challenging routes, through jumps, stones and other obstacles.

Going downhill in the Pontedilegno-Tonale area means doing it in the best possible conditions: not only for the breathtaking beauty of the mountains and tracks, but also for the completeness of the services available.

In our bike park all downhill and enduro lovers can find the route best suited to their tastes, their level and their characteristics. 8 trails divided into 3 starting locations for a single bike park that combines the more technical routes of Ponte di Legno and Temù, which run through the woods, with the open field trails of Passo Tonale.

Thanks to the numerous ski lifts, bikers will not miss a minute of fun. Furthermore, the entire bike area is served by shops for the rental, sale and maintenance of bikes and accessories.


Bike park in Ponte di Legno and Tonale: all the adrenaline of the mountains

Bike Park

The Pontedilegno-Tonale Bike Park consists of 8 routes that wind between Passo Tonale and Temù, passing through Ponte di Legno. The colors indicate the difficulty: blue the easy ones, red the intermediate ones and black the most challenging ones.

The three routes of Passo Tonale - blue, red and black - are located in an open field and are characterized by "flow" terrain: very smooth and with good grip, it allows novices to approach the discipline without fear and more experts to perform jumps, supports and tricks of all kinds.

The blue and red tracks are accessible to families and children and make this park truly suitable for everyone; the black slope is instead suitable for the more expert, with its supports, the very fast parabolic turns, the artificial bumps and the very technical passages.

The northshore walkways that climb boulders and create beautiful parabolic turns and step downs make all the descents exciting, while the Valbiolo chairlift takes bikes and riders to the start of the tracks in just a few minutes, at the Malga Valbiolo, an alpine refuge which is open also in summer, allowing biker not to miss even a minute of fun.

The Temù and Ponte di Legno routes - one blue, three red and one black - develop inside the woods and put the bikers' concentration and balance skills to the test. They can be reached with the Pontedilegno-Tonale cable car and the Valbione and Roccolo Ventura chairlifts.

Bike Pass and lifts

You can arrive with your own equipment or rent it directly on site. The Pontedilegno-Tonale bike park offers an hourly, daily, weekly or seasonal Bike Pass thanks to which you can quickly get to high altitude with your bike and move around the entire territory.


DH-Bike and protection rental

Whether you start from Passo Tonale or from Temù or Ponte di Legno, you will find everything you need to safely tackle the downhill and gravity tracks with the right bike and the right protection.

The DH-bikes and the necessary clothing can be rented for one or more days at our specialized centres.

In addition to rental, you can book your gravity instructor to discover Enduro tours or to try your hand at Downhill, spectacular and adrenaline-filled disciplines for all ages.



Of course, downhill is a discipline suitable for all ages and all levels. The little ones and those who want to get closer to this exciting world will be able to choose the easiest and most instructive itineraries, which they can try without risk. The important thing is to wear all the protections and, possibly, start under the supervision of a gravity instructor.


In addition to the bike, it is necessary to be equipped with all the essential protections to avoid running risks in the event of a fall. Full-face helmet with chin guard and mask, back protector, elbow pads and long-fingered gloves are mandatory. A bib, reinforced shorts and a neck brace and cervical protection are also highly recommended. The trick is to be protected without being limited in movement; in our specialized centres the operators will certainly be able to advise you on the solution tailored for you.


Great desire to have fun. In fact, if you don't have a bike or equipment, just go to the ski lifts, where you will find our specialized centres for the rental and sale of all the equipment needed for a day of pure fun in the mountains of Pontedilegno- Tonale.


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