The Presena Glacier, the giant of the Alps

With its altitude of 3,069 metres above sea level the Presena Glacier is a paradise for all those who love nature, history and mountain sports. Situated on the border between Val di Sole and Valle Camonica, between Trentino and Lombardy, the glacier is part of the Presanella mountain group.

Once the border between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the First World War , the glacier and its rocky slopes still bear witness to the many battles fought here. In peaceful times the snowy slopes of the mountains have become a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts who for more than 50 years have been coming to this wonderful place to launch into panoramic, breath-taking descents.
Modern ski lifts and mountain huts equipped with all comforts provide visitors with unique experiences in both summer and winter   

Surrounded by spectacular views over Mount Adamello to the peaks of Ortles-Cevedale, Pian di Neve and the Brenta Dolomites all visitors will be breathless in the presence of this unique and authentic high altitude natural environment.

Experience the glacier
  • modern ski lifts allow you to go from Passo Tonale right up to the summit of the glacier in just 12 minutes
  • perfectly safe and snowy ski slopes
  • trekking and excursions surrounded by wild nature and fragments of history
  • glamourous surroundings and gourmet restaurants in modern mountain huts at high altitude

The Presena Glacier Cable cars: a journey in "Paradiso"

The Presena Glacier cable cars allow all those who love the mountains to reach the top of the mountain quickly in both summer and winter. The three sections are covered by the Paradiso Cable car and the Presena Cable.

The valley station of the Paradiso Cable car is in Passo Tonale and reaches the homonymous Pass at an altitude of 2,585 metres above sea level in just 5 minutes; here you can have a meal at the Paradiso Mountain Hut and try the thrilling and legendary pista nera Paradiso.

Those that want to reach the summit of the glacier can take the Presena Cable car: with its 8-seater closed cabins this cable car which was inaugurated in 2016 can carry up to 1,500 people every hour and has modern outdoor ski racks.
The first section ends at an altitude of 2.730 metres above sea level near the famous Capanna Presena Mountain Hut; continuing the ascent it is possible to reach the summit of the glacier at an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level in just 7 minutes!

Once you reach the  top you are spoilt for choice: starting from the top of the glacier you can start down the slopes or have a go at freeriding or Alpine skiing . Thanks to the ski lifts you can avoid the majority of the height difference that separates you from adventure!

Passo Tonale is also connected to Ponte di Legno with the Ponte di Legno – Colonia Vigili – Tonale ski lifts: starting from Ponte di Legno you can reach the top of the glacier in just 26 minutes!
Don’t forget that with just one ski pass you can reach high altitude quickly to have more time to do what you enjoy most.
Take a look at the cable car timetables to the Presena Glacier!

Winter fun on the slopes of the Presena Glacier


In the winter the Presena Glacier becomes a spectacular setting for all those who love winter sports.

Ski slopes

The ski slopes on the Presena Glacier are packed with fun, thrills and breath-taking scenery. All you have to do is choose the one that’s right for you!

  • Blue : the Variante Presena Paradiso run
  • Red: the Paradiso Glacier run, to experience the thrill of a descent from the Presena Glacier; the Presena Paradiso and Variante Paradiso slopes
  • Black: pista Paradiso, high speed thrills!


The legendary Pista Paradiso

700 metres of height difference for 3 km of pure adrenaline: this is the legendary Pista Paradiso, a thrilling run that drops from an altitude of 2,585 metres above sea level with sharp turns, sudden drops in height and breath-taking views down to Passo Tonale. Skiing at maximum speed it is possible to start from the top of the glacier at an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level and reach  Ponte di Legno by travelling 11 km and a height difference of 1,800 metres.
Thanks to its spectacular northern exposure the Pista Paradiso stays open from the first snow in November until the middle of May when the snow melts

Its’ no surprise that this run has conquered the hearts of all ski lovers since it was opened in 1963. Today Pista Paradiso is considered to be one of the 10 best downhill slopes in Italy.

Alpine skiing and Freeriding

Alpine skiing  enthusiasts can leave the most popular slopes behind and go off-piste surrounded by  a real winter landscape where white dominates the panorama and silence is absolute.
The Presena Glacier is even an adventure park for Freeriding! Here all those that love fresh untouched snow can try the best off-piste starting from the top station of the ski lift.

Presena Glacier in the summer with trekking and history

Fiori estivi con sfondo il Ghiacciaio Presena 

On the snow of the Presena Glacier it is possible to ski until the end of May.
Then during the good weather the wild high mountain environment is a popular destination for hikers and those that love mountain adventures.
There are lots of excursions for all ages that can be enjoyed around the Presena Glacier in the summer.

Many trekking trails retrace the paths and the posts of the White War; in Passo Paradiso a long tunnel carved into the rock is home to a touching multimedia installation called "Suoni e voci della Guerra Bianca"(Sounds and Voices of the White War): war relics, sounds and noises take visitors back to the war that was fought on the glacier front.

Don’t miss the Sentiero dei Fiori, a spectacular high altitude via ferratas with brackets,  ladders and a long Tibetan bridge suspended in thin air passes through wild landscapes and breath-taking views to reach the  Amici della Montagna bivouac. 

The Presena Glacier’s fight against melting ice

Panorama sul ghiacciaio Presena in estate 

Thanks to the total surface of 82 hectares and the ski season that lasted from October to August at the end of the 60 s the glacier became an unmissable destination for all ski lovers. Today, due to raising global temperatures the surface of our ice giant’s surface is shrinking.

For this reason in 2008 we started a conservation project that includes the use of enormous geotextile fabric covers under which the glacier can rest all summer. In the period from June to September these special textiles prevent the heat from melting all the snow that has fallen during the winter months.
This way we are trying to protect the Presena Glacier from melting.

Curious facts about the glacier

The Presena Glacier, the giant of the Alps

From Passo Tonale it is possible to reach the summit of the glacier in just 12 minutes thanks to the two ski lifts, the Paradiso Cable car and the Presena Cable car.

Not exactly. The ski season on Presena Glacier ends in late spring, usually at the end of May.

From June to September we cover the surface of the glacier with technological rolls of geotextile fabric that protect the snow and ice from the heat of the sun.

There are three mountain huts on Presena.

  • Passo Paradiso Mountain Hut: wooden furniture and a panoramic view for an authentic pause for real sportspeople. The mountain hut is located at the top of the Paradiso Cable car.
  • Capanna Presena Mountain Hut: An elegant Mountain Lodge with rooms and a restaurant near the intermediary station of the Presena Cable car.
  • Panorama 3000 Glacier: a glamourous environment with large glass windows to experience the mountains up close; the mountain hut is at the top of the Presena Cable car.

Yes, the Capanna Presena Mountain Hut has a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, a lava stone jacuzzi pool and a large relaxation area for visitors. Thanks to the large glass windows you can admire the glacier pampered by warm steam and essential oils.

Thanks to our webcams you can have a look at the weather situation, the state of the slopes or see some views even from home.

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