Pista Paradiso, the adrenaline filled and spectacular black ski run

Il punto più alto della Pista Paradiso, la pista nera sci

Pista Paradiso is one of the most famous ski slopes in the Alpine Region.
3 km in length and with a height difference of more than 700 metres this black run provides all ski lovers with unique emotions, lots of adrenaline and speed surrounded by breath-taking views.
The maximum gradient of this black run is 45%, for this reason the descent requires specific technical skills and is therefore reserved for expert skiers.

The run is located on the Lombardy side of Tonale: thanks to its spectacular northern exposure the slope stays open from November until the middle of May.
The start of the run is in Passo Paradiso, at an altitude of 2,585 m., and can be reached easily in just 5 minutes thanks to the cable car with the same name.

This marvellous black run was inaugurated in 1963 and since then every year thousands of skiers have reached the slopes of the Presena Glacier to experience the thrill of tackling the fascinating descent surrounded by breath-taking views of the nearby snow covered mountains.
Despite its 50 year history today fascination with the Paradiso black run has remained unchanged over time; today the Pista Paradiso is considered to be one of the 10 best downhill slopes in Italy.

Thanks to the ski lifts that connect the slopes in the Ski Area   you can ski from the top of the Presena Glacier right down to Ponte di Legno and Temù with just one ski pass.

A Paradise of emotions!
  • departure point altitude 2,585 metres above sea level
  • arrival altitude 1,850 metres above sea level
  • 3 km long
  • 700 metres of height difference
  • maximum gradient of 45%
  • open from November to May

Breath-taking descents on the steepest ski slopes in the Alps

Breath-taking descents

The Pista Paradiso is a very fast and technical run.

Once you reach Passo Paradiso with the cable car, at an altitude of 2,585 metres above sea level you can prepare to tackle one of the steepest ski slopes in Italy: Pista Paradiso starts right here.
At the start there is an easy stretch, a hairpin bend between the rocks… And then a vertical drop! Now you can let yourself go and enjoy the steep and panoramic stretch of 1,500 metres at full speed. The spectacular descent leads to a sharp turn, then there is an easier part and then again another stretch of unpredictable turns and humps.
Along the final part of this exciting black ski run there is a crossroads where you can choose to go straight to Ponte di Legno or go back to the valley station of the Paradiso cable car to have another go at the thrilling descent.

The black ski run in a perfect position

Il panorama dalla cima di una delle piste da sci famose, la Pista paradiso

The Lombardy side of the mountain that is home to the Presena Glacier faces north and throughout the winter it is never exposed to the heat of the sun. For this reason the snow on Pista Paradiso remains in excellent condition throughout the entire ski season, and only melts completely in late summer.

Located on Passo Paradiso, this thrilling black ski run is ideal even for those that want to start from the top of the glacier, at an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level and enjoy some of the most beautiful ski slopes in the ski area one after the other in one go! This way given the direct connection with Pista Paradiso as well as with Tonale and Ponte di Legno, more daring skiers can enjoy 11 km of pure skiing and 2,000 metres of height difference!

Tips on Pista Paradiso, one of the most famous ski slopes in Italy

Pista Paradiso, the adrenaline filled and spectacular black ski run

It means extremely difficult, black runs are ski slopes with parts that have gradients of more than 40% and therefore should only be tackled by expert skiers.

The black run starts near the station at the top of Paradiso Cable Car at an altitude of 2,585 m above sea level

Sustained steepness, breath-taking views and the fact it remain open until spring have made it one of the most famous black ski runs in the Alps.

Yes, Pista Paradiso was inaugurated in 1963 and since then it has only been improved in terms of safety.

During the first few days of every year a spectacular torchlight procession on skis is organised: a fascinating event not to be missed!

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