The town of Monno, surrounded by nature is extremely peaceful. Here time seems to stand still and the rhythm of the day flows slowly in close contact with nature.

From Monno you access Passo Mortirolo that connects Valle Camonica to Valtellina. In Mortirolo in 733 there was a battle between the Longobards led by Adelchi and the Franks led by Charlemagne which was also referred to by Alessandro Manzoni.
Celebrated in the annals of the Giro d’Italia, Passo del Mortirolo is one of the most popular destinations for cyclists that can challenge themselves on a truly demanding route.

Mortirolo has typical vegetation found at high altitude with the last larch trees that leave way to small shrubs and alpine heath. In the month of June, flowering rhododendrons provide a really fascinating spectacle.  Every year on the first Sunday in March, the “Raduno del Mortirolo” is held for Alpine skiing enthusiasts.

Monno and legendary Mortirolo
  • connection to Valtellina
  • access to Mortirolo, a popular destination for cyclists
  • home to the Raduno del Mortirolo for Alpine skiers
  • mentioned in historical records for the battle between the Longobards and the Franks


Monno Town Hall
Piazza IV Novembre 9 – 25040
Tel. 0364 77940

Altitude 1,060 m above sea level
Inhabitants 587

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