The Adamello Brenta Natural Park: the largest protected area in Trentino

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park covers an area of 62,051 hectares in Trentino. The Park includes the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello – Presanella Alps, a wide area between Val Rendena, Val di Sole and Val di Non.

Given its notable size this protected area is characterised by an incredible variety of natural and cultural elements; the different valleys all have different geological, botanical and faunistic peculiarities, as well as different food and wine traditions for every community.

The large variety of elements of geological and scientific interest means that since 2008 the Adamello Brenta Park has been included in the European and World Network of UNESCO Geoparks and it was given the name of Adamello Brenta Geopark.

Over the years the management of the ABNP have implemented a eco-friendly policy aimed at sustainable tourism and biodiversity protection that has been recognised and adopted by hoteliers in the area.


The Park has a vast number of paths to go on excursions in the valleys or at a high altitude surrounded by absolutely uncontaminated natural environments. A large number of lakes and small lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and glaciers often characterise the Alpine panorama. Booking an overnight stay in one of the many mountain huts inside the protected area will make it possible to choose trekking and hiking routes of more than one day and even reach the highest point of the Adamello Brenta Park, at 3,558 metres above sea level: Mount Adamello. 

In the parks there are many different varieties of plant species and photography enthusiasts can lie in wait to take snaps of marmots, birds of prey, foxes, red deer and partridges.

An area to explore
  • 62,051 hectares of unspoilt nature
  • 48 lakes and 41 glaciers,
  • 7 ”park house” visitors centres
  • 12 mountain huts
  • Ecotourism Oscar from the Legambiente and Part of the European and World Network of UNESCO Geoparks
  • More than 1000 km of trekking and hiking paths

The Adamello Brenta Park with excursions, walks and new experiences


You’ll be spoilt for choice: inside the Adamello Brenta Park there are itineraries for everyone, from beginners to Alpine Climbers.

You can enjoy a spring day on the splendid plane of Val di Fumo, trekking around the Lakes of San Giuliano to admire the spectacular autumn colours reflected in the water, or choose a summer hike among the candid scenery of the Brenta Dolomites.
In the Adamello Brenta Park family paths provide families with simple walks that are also suitable for pushchairs like the route around the deep green Lake Tovel or the spectacular Nardis Waterfalls.

There’s more than just excursions, you can explore the Park on two wheels with the MTB trails.

Mountain Huts, malghas and agritourisms serve hikers with typical locally sourced dishes like mountain cheese, organic honey, walnuts, salamis, distillates and grappas flavoured with mountain herbs.


Explore the Adamello Brenta Park

Explore the Adamello Brenta Natural Park with our map!
Find out the locations of the visitor centres that were set up to focus on topics and particular aspects of fauna, biology and geology, find the mountain huts and organise your excursions along the paths.  


The Adamello Brenta Park, home to bears, Alpine ibex and protected plant species.


The Adamello Brenta Natural Park has numerous natural environments and is therefore home to a large variety of flora and fauna.

At lower altitudes there are beech and red spruce tree woods; climbing higher the landscape is dominated by larch trees and wide expanses of lilies of the valley and flowering rhododendrons.

There are also many species of flowers but the most characteristic and precious are the yellow Alpine Poppy, Potentilla Nitida and the marvellous Edelweiss.


The most famous animals in the Adamello Brenta Park are certainly brown bears which were reintroduced to the area in 1996 thanks to Life Ursus, a project financed by the EU. Today in Trentino there are more than 78 registered individuals.

In addition to the bears the protected area is also home to many other animal species such as foxes, badgers, grouse, red deer and roe deer. During a trek at a high altitude it is easy to spot ibex, marmots, partridges, stouts and weasels on the rocky ridges.  Thanks to the unspoilt nature of the Park it is also home to golden eagles, hawks, owls and tawny owls. 
The clean waters of the Adamello Brenta Park like Lake Tovel, are also home to precious alpine char and trout.

A Park to really experience

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park: the largest protected area in Trentino

The Park is in Trentino in the area between Val di Sole, Val di Non, Val Rendena and Valli Giudicarie.

To reach the Park from Trento follow directions to Val di Non or Valli Giudcarie-Rendena, or by going up to Valle del Chiese from Lombardy.
The various locations can be reached easily using public transport and the Trentino Trasporti shuttle bus.

In the Adamello Brenta Natural Park there are many hotels that have been awarded the  Quality Park mark given their Eco sustainability policies. Getting the most of the area is possible with the many agritourisms, b&bs and camp sites.

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