Vione is amongst the most interesting mediaeval centres in Valle Camonica, with picturesque sights and antique portals. Vione and its hamlets boast some very rustic architecture: arches and finely made windows, lineal structures and buildings constructed all the same size, a fenomenum particular to this valley. Vione is also known for the recent findings of ‘longobarde’ tombs and for the conservation of the porches and the six towers which defended the castle.

The parish church of S. Remigio is one of the most ornate of the valley, whilst the ‘Santuario di Cortaiolo’ contains frescoes by the artist Oscar Di Prata. (XVI century)
Enclosed in the museum ‘El Zuf’ in Vione there are numerous objects demonstrating the life of the local farmers.

From Vione it is possible to reach the beautiful Valle di Canè, in the Stelvio National Park, here there is some wonderful alpine scenery, small typical barns in green fields surrounded by dense woodland.


Vione Town Hall
Piazza Vittoria 1 – 25050
Tel: 0364 906154
CAP 25050

Altitude: 1250m asl
Inhabitants: 726

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