Smart Skipass, the sooner you buy, the less you spend!

You can’t wait to ski on our mountains? You can buy in advance your skiing day at a special price! Try the Smart Skipass: buy online your skipass in advance and you will take advantage of a discount up to 25% on the full price!



Smart Skipass: the sooner you buy, the less you spend! up to 25% discount

Online is better

You can buy online on our e-shop the daily, the 2 consecutive days, the 3 consecutive days, the 4 consecutive days and the hourly skipass at a lower price than at the skipass office. Be quick and be smart: the price is dynamic!

For every skiing day of the Winter season there is a limited amount of Smart Skipasses that can be purchased online at a lower price than the full price. The discount is greater if you buy in advance, available while stocks last.

Buy online your Smart Skipass!

  • Discount up to 25%
  • The sooner you buy, the less you spend
  • Only online

The amount of Smart Skipasses is fixed and available while stocks last. Be quick and buy your skipass!



Smart Skipass, the sooner you buy, the less you spend!

The Smart Skipasses will be available as soon as we can fix the opening date of the skiarea; it depends on the snow!

No, it depends on two factors: how much in advance you buy the skipass and how many Smart Skipasses are available for the desired skiing day. The Smart Skipasses have various price ranges and each range has a fixed amount of skipasses. Once the amount of discounted skipasses of each range is finished, you will find the skipass at the full price.

Your skipass can be discounted up to 25% compared to the full price.

You can see the exact amount of the Smart Skipasses only when there are less than 10 skipasses still available. If you do not see any number, it means that there are more than 10 Smart Skipasses to be purchased at a discounted price lower than the full price.

No, the Smart Skipass purchased online is not refundable.

No, the Smart Skipass is personal; if you purchased a skipass but you can’t use it, it is not possible to give it to someone else.

Yes, the skipass offices will be open and you will find there every kind of skipass. The skipass you buy at the desk is at full price.

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