The 10/08/2024 at Vermiglio, from 21:00 to 22:30


Lights and music performance at the small lakes of San Leonardo, where the audience will dream carried away by amazement and enchantment.

The mind wanders through the arts of dancing on stilts and live singing, giving life to dreamlike visions, populated by creatures that will animate the lakes and meadows in front, to give everyone a real daydream.

Bright costumes and fiery dances, together with a great lady with a beautiful voice, will convey the simplicity and beauty of the "elements of life".

The show is organized by Corona-Events, a company founded in 2006 made up of dancers, stilt dancers, actors, acrobats, musicians and singers. The multiplicity of artistic languages ​​contributes to bringing the public closer to innovative expressive forms, overcoming cultural, linguistic and generational barriers.

The event is free and open to everybody.


Vermiglio, Laghetti di San Leonardo, via della Prada 31.

You can easily reach Laghetti di San Leonardo by car. 


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